Andrew Nicholson

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Andrew Nicholson
Andrew Nicholson.jpg
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Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2006
Dorm Giles

Andrew was a cool RC from Duke East 2006.

Andrew's Term I Rag consisted of:
Matt "Madonna"
Wade "Fat Albert"
Ian "Double D"
Jonathan "Simba"
Michael "Kirby"
Jonathan "Wookie"
Adam "Ice Cream Man"
Lawrence "LaLa"
Adam "Mr. Martini"
Alan "Nala"
Eric "Adam Vick"
Alex "Rusty"

Andrew's Term II RAG consisted of: Term II "Most likely to..."
Mitch "Naughty Bits" ...become a polygamist.
Prithvi "Ms. New Booty" ...head butt a head of state.
Corwin "Stuart Little" ...marry a goat.
John Michael "Big Foot" ...become a woman.
"Big" Ben "Leslie" ...become a clock.
"Little" Ben "Mandolin Boy" ...become a ninja.
Brian "Der F├╝hrer" ...become chancellor of Germany.
Joseph "Beef Hate-a" ...receive a newsletter from PETA.
Soorya "Target" the next Jet-Li
Robert "?" — wait, where's Robert?
Zach "Brume Hilda" president and CEO of Hello Kitty, Inc.
Chris "Sinful Curves" ...actually do something with his life.

The Term I group was known for crossing the wavy line and not agreeing on what movie to watch. They also shaved Andrew's hair in a very...interesting...way, but that was before he shaved it all off. Their nicknames had little to do with them.

Andrew's Term II RAG consisted of famous members such as Mitch, John Michael, Zach, Soorya, Robert, Brian and Little Ben (the one with the mandolin). They lived on the second floor of Giles at Duke East Term II, '06. Their hall was constantly haunted by girls from the second and third floors of Giles, and also a guy and girl from Pegram, who contributed to a candy fight involving many people getting hit in the face with Twix bars, brought and spilled tons of popcorn on the floor, and depended on Zach's Whore Fan to keep cool during Night . His term II group also nicknamed him "Jobless" and picked him "Most likely to get fired." These were references to his rules presented on opening night of:

  • Don't do anything that will get me fired.
  • Don't do anything that might get me fired.
  • If you think something might get me fired, don't do it.

Andrew was constantly pestered by above-mentioned girls, who at one point in time taped at least twenty signs to his door with random things written in German, English, and Spanish (and one thing in Tamil, which was contributed by Soorya) and ripped-off slogans such as "Andrew's Got the Magic of Clorox Bleach!" See Andrew's door. At the Talent Show, the girls yelled, "Andrew's cooler than beastiality!" when he climbed onstage to make an announcement about the . They also attempted to give Andrew Gilespox during Quadfest, but he took it all in stride, besides refusing to sign their Termbooks.

Andrew had a buzz cut and wore a familiar baseball cap. He constantly yelled "Shut up!" to get the attention of TiPsters, but he was really just an old softy. He had a strict code of morals and disliked most mentions of sex, considering his reaction to Alspaugh's Quadfest "How do we do it? Under a tree!" cheer (to which he responded with "Who's perverted? Alspaugh!") but was fairly laid back. The main exception to the not liking sexual mentions was with his approval of the title for his RAG's termbook page, which was supposed to read "Andrew's "Morgasmic" RAG" but, because of some censorship by an unknown individual, became "Andrew's "#!@%!smic" RAG". Morgasmic is a term created by Big Ben to describe how good the food of the Union building was by saying something along the lines of "It's like an orgasm in my mouth. It's a morgasm!" Note that this original use was non-sexual. Well, sorta.