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Every dorm on Duke East includes a common room. The common room is the site of dorm meetings (this usually means something to do with Quadfest, though not always) and includes various pieces of furniture to make a TIPster's stay there more comfortable. The most recent common room configurations included various chairs and sofas, a TV, and a piece of recreational equipment:

  • Pegram: a lousy ping pong table and a piano, many chairs and couches, a tv and usually a game console of sorts
  • Alspaugh: an out of tune piano, a foosball table, a ping pong table, and a stereo system
  • Bassett: a nicer pool table
  • Brown: a pool table, ping pong table, and piano
  • Giles: a previously-forbidden foosball table, which as of 2006 Term II is missing several handles and the ball

At Davidson, each floor of the Belk Residence Hall as well as Cannon and Sentelle Residence Halls include a lounge, which are essentially common rooms. They generally have a television, table, several chairs, and a few end tables. The second and third floors in Belk have two lounges.

At Duke West, there are several nooks in addition to four common rooms: O, N, N Basement, and K. They have various chairs and sofas, and N basement has a ping-pong table. Most are equipped with a kitchen and a television. O and K are the most commonly used, and are where meetings of several RAGs are held (Quadfest). In 2006, 1st floor L, lacking a commons room, designated L107 as the official "L Commons". This did not, however, allow members of the opposite sex to enter the room, despite vary vocal RAG members.

At ASU, there five commons rooms, one for each floor, most of which contained a microwave, several couches and one or two coffee tables. The seventh floor commons rooms is probably the most popular because it is the biggest (highest ceiling) and because the seventh floor is where all the fourth-year boys are. Fourth-years girls are on the fourth floor.

At A&M, there are no real common rooms. They are really regular rooms that have the words "Common Room" written over it. It should also be noted that there are four common rooms in the dorm, one on each floor with the one on the ground floor being for RC's and other staff ONLY as punishable by death. But there is a TV lounge, which is accepted as the common room. In the common rooms, there isn't real furniture, only dressers and night stands that everyone sits on/plays cards on/makes out on. There is also a rec room on the ground floor with a TV, but the channel is always chosen by someone who is not you, except when the NBA Finals are on in Term 1. Stealing makeshift chairs and/or dressers fom the other floors is a way of life at A&M, so suck it up 4th Floor. The 2nd floor common room is considered the best, because everyone who is anyone is in there. And it's AC was working while 3rd floors wasn't.

At Georgia Tech, you are not allowed to use the TVs except on group nights and 7-9 activity slots like Super Smash Bros tournaments. The common rooms on the first floor are all for Staff, and the glass walls are covered with black paper (at least in 2014). On the second floor, the common rooms are divided into a smaller common room and a kitchen (only for Staff in 2014). Inside the 2nd floor common room there is two sofas, a TV, and a round table. The 3rd floor is almost exactly like the 2nd floor common room, except it's twice as large and has a microwave. The Hefner third floor common room (boys) also had a foosball table, whereas the Armstrong (girls) building did not.