Faith Tsang

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Faith Tsang attended Wake Forest in 2017 for Mock Trial and Georgia Tech Term 2 in 2019, where she was enrolled in Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics. She was a member of RC Anna's Guardians of the Galaxy. She is a big intellect and piano/cello gOd. (AHHHHhhhHHH she's honestly so eloquent and well-spoken, and I lowkey highkey admired her a lot on when I first met her.). She often goes to breakfast at the last possible minute (around 8:30). At lunch and dinner, she can often be found eating an Oreo Pie (or two). She played a large role in coordinating RC Anna's surprise party, which involved a scavenger hunt and a poster. RC Anna was sent on a scavenger hunt throughout the 3rd floor of Towers Residence Hall in search of individual letters from RC group members. At the end of the scavenger hunt, she was sent to the place where she started where all the RC group members were gathered holding a poster saying "We love you, Anna." She can be found having an existential crisis over perception of reality or using calculus to graph the chances of the survival of the human race through space travel. As we said, she is big brains and we can't wait to read about her future success on the TIME 100 list someday.

Iconic Quotes: "Oreo pie! Where?" and "Anna, we love you!"

Written by Mary Matias and Erin Yoon