Erin Yoon

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Erin Yoon attended Georgia Tech Term 2 in 2019 for Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics, and was a member of RC Anna's Guardians of the Galaxy. She is a big artist and created the cover page for the term book, and she is an actual gOd at playing the flute. She was another one of the big crackheads of the RC group. She is known for Wazzing people. (Staring at someone until they notice, then winking at them.) She can often be found being sus or learning k-pop choreographies in the stairwells along with Mary Matias. During the dances, she is usually "jumping through the hoop" or body rolling in the crackhead circle. She and Mary Matias performed an epic dance sequence at the Talent Show.

Written by Mary Matias