Sheri Peng

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Sheri was a member of RC Anna's Guardians of the Galaxy at Georgia Tech Term 2 2019, where she was enrolled in Game Theory: Economics. She was the creator of many inside jokes, to include "highkey lowkey", "okay, cute", "TEA", and many more. Most people in the RC group had, voluntarily or not, adopted her awesome style of speaking by the end of the term. She brought cheesebrain energy and laughter wherever she went. She and Sana would often run ahead of the group to "catch the woah". Sheri was hilarious and brought her crazy energy with her everywhere, despite her claims of "being shy". She is known for having the cutest blankets and taking naps in the stairwell lounge until the last second before needing to leave.

Iconic quote: "Okay, that's TEAAAAAA"

Written by Faith Tsang and Erin Yoon