Quincy Harper

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Fleas on Rats, Times New Roman, 8 pt font.

Quincy Harper
Campus(es) Trinity Term 2, Georgia Tech Term 2
Attended 2015, 2016
Course(s) Speculative Fiction, Mind Labs
RAG(s) Katie Willis, Rachel
Roommate(s) Hannah Berryman, Isa
Social Media

Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2015 1st Trinity University II Speculative Fiction Prassel Hall Katie Willis Hannah Beryyman
2016 2nd Georgia Tech II Mind Labs Rachel Isa
2017 3rd Rice University I Historical Epidemiology McMurtry Dorm Eva She was all alone :(
2018 4th Georgia Tech II International Relations Towers Dorm Kira Clara

Trinity Term Two 2015

Quinn was good at art. Mostly drawing random things in the hallway while watching Isaac (who they love) behave erratically. They also were slightly emo (not really Isaac I just don't like other people). They were part of the Homo Squad with Patrick and Catherine, and sometimes Isaac when he wasn't trying (and failing) to get a date.

Quinn did other things like bring a pillow to the Prom themed dance (that was a stupid theme oh my god) but was generally your standard TiPster.

Georgia Tech Term Two 2016

Quinn continued to be a part of the Homo Squad, with Patrick and Catherine, and Catherine's girlfriend Louanne Hood. Isaac again was too busy trying to get a date. Quinn and Jay (Mattew) Fields were together temporarily, but made the mutual decision not to remain together after TIP. Despite all of their friends being trash at times, Quinn has consistently proven to be the mother bear of the Homo Squad and loves all of her children (mostly Patrick though). This was proven several times at Tech Term 2 because Quinn is a badass.

Quinn made the mistake of being an accidental vegan (vegetarian allergic to milk) and going to Georgia Tech. They nearly starved.

Rice University Term One 2017

Quinn is a short butthole and was made fun of accordingly all term. Apparently they are socially stunted and only talked about STEM pretty much all term because they had nothing better to do. Quinn continued to be friends Catherine, Patrick, Lou, and Blake all term and added a little Fish to their friend group. Unfortunately, Isaac was absent from their TiP experience as he is an attendee of Georgia Tech Term Two. Historical Epidemiology was their class and they loved it very much. Fleas on Rats, the class anthem for Historical Epidemiology, was deeply loved by Quinn, and they actively participated in their class's rendition of it during the talent show.

Quinn also really, really, really, appreciates the work of staff to accommodate their anxiety and move them to a room they could actually sleep in. Thanks Josh.