Sana Kohli

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Sana was a member of RC Anna's Guardians of the Galaxy at Georgia Tech Term 2 2019, where she was enrolled in Artificial Intelligence Section 2. She and Sheri would often run ahead of the group to "catch the wOah" and she was one of the kindest, most caring members of the group. Her fashion was poppin' every day, bro. She has a great sense of humor that she brings everywhere. She and Sheri made a challenge to pretend each other didn't exist one day, however that only lasted a whopping 1 meal. She, along with Mary Matias and Erin Yoon, can often be found running around every floor of Towers and hitting the ceiling and exit signs because of "white boy hours" and "getting that bread".

Iconic Quotes: "Brooo!" and "Catch the wOAh!"

Written by Faith Tsang

Edited by Mary Matias and Erin Yoon