Jessica Yen

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Jessica Yen is a skilled mathematician who has an upbeat personality. She can fold origami like a master and has put out dozens of 3D paper stars around the Information Security: From Turing to Snowden classroom. When she first made this page she visited is 30 times within an hour. Yen is the master of bad puns but if you ever tell her anything funny she will reset by laughing for nearly 2 minutes while blowing a song on her Harmonica. She is very helpful if you need any stalkerish information on anyone. Jessica is also a member of the Chopstick Crew, created 2014 Term II, Georgia Tech.

Did 5 Ice Cream


"Just when you think you've got everything right, you forgot a zero and everything's screwed"


Year Term Campus Course RC Roommate
2012 1st University of Kansas Aerospace Engineering Marie
2014 2nd Georgia Tech Robotics Olivia "Livy" Colomb Clarissa Mullig
2015 2nd Duke East Info Security Maria Madalyn Foley