Isaac K

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Isaac K
Pronouns He/Him
Campus(es) Trinity Term 2, Georgia Tech Term 2 (x2), Duke West Term 2
Attended 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Course(s) Mathematical Problem Solving, Criminal Minds: Psychology and the Law, Applications, Algorithms, Computers: Modern Programming, Abnormal Psychology
RAG(s) Katie Willis, Rebekah Whittington, Taylor's Tyrannosauruses, Nya
Roommate(s) Jahnavi, Finale
Social Media

Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2015 1st Trinity University II Mathematical Problem Solving Prassel Hall Katie Willis Janhavi
2016 2nd Georgia Tech II Criminal Minds: Psychology and the Law Rebekah Whittington None
2017 3nd Georgia Tech II Applications, Algorithms, Computers: Modern Programming Towers Taylor None
2018 4th Duke West II Abnormal Psychology Few Nya Finale

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Trinity Term Two 2015

- Isaac took mathematical problem solving against his will, and hated the entire class, he was a first year, and was convinced he would be miserable the entire time, luckily the magic of tip outshone the misery of doing math all summer. He cried for several months after tip ended and became very TIPressed (see TIPression)

Georgia Tech Term Two 2016

- Isaac returned to TIP excited to finally take a psychology class like he dreamed of last year. He was in the Criminal minds class, and one of the members of criminal memes. He managed to get the word 'same' banned from the criminal minds class, by saying it in every other sentence.

- He does not have any notable RelationTIPs, but that is certainly not his choice as he asked about 11 people to the dance during his 3 weeks at Tech.

Georgia Tech Term Two 2017

- Isaac took a programming class and enjoyed it. Literally, nothing happened, lots of crying, dancing, and shit. - He also managed to get several parents see Isaac's Parents