Criminal memes

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A group of friends from the Georgia Tech Term 2 Criminal Minds consisting of Bailey Burroughs, Jay (Mattew) Fields, Isaac K, Isabella Fleites, and Sylvia Price. Criminal memes has only accomplished 5 things, one for each member, For Isaac: A ban on an entire subcategory of 'same' related words. For Jay: Majestic hair. For Sylvia (and Duckie) The quote "Duckies not an adult she's a fucking goddess". For Isa: Being really fucking salty despite being too innocent to be mean. And for Bailey: A cover of Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac that's better than the original


From left to right: Isabella, Bailey, Jay, Isaac, Sylvia

After TIP

After tip several of the memes disappeared, Bailey Burroughs had other shit to do and Isa because she is salt. Jay (Mattew) Fields is too busy to speak, leaving Sylvia Price and Isaac K to Skype every week in sadness. UPDATE: Isa is back. Yay less salt now