Energy, Conservation, and Green Technology

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Georgia Tech Term 1, 2015

Teacher: Thomas DeWolfe

TA: Cheyanne Wescott


Jessica Steckelberg (The only student who matters)

Noel Lange

Camellia Moors (aka S'Moors)

Yannie Tan

Nathan Lieu

May Wells

Katherine Hsu

Jonah Raspberry Tupelo

Evan Harris

Abhinav Tirath

Virgina Cummins

Caroline Hamilton

Sage Snyder

Gino Francia

Eva Batelaan

Danny Steinmeyer

Nathan Beveridge

"The best class, with best students at all of Georgia Tech this year. They may have been memelords, they may have been a little crazy, but I wouldn't have had any other students. Love y'all." - Mom OG