Gabby Herrick

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About Her

Probably one of the most random and sweetest tipsters ever. She dyes her hair practically daily and always looks great. She knows all the random memes and whenever you need her she will call. Her mini me is Louanne Hood.

Georgia Tech Term 2 2015

A member of The Ham Fam, a third year girls group run by Hamilton Way. Their group did the bossest TiPsync and got second place. She wore a unforgettable blue dress covered in sequins to the last dance. She was often seen in the company of Justin and Emily. She was in Criminal Minds and they performed Uptown Funk at the talent show which was beautiful. She will forever be salty about her wallet getting stolen from her room on the first day. At one point during term she became ill and her skin took on a white tinge. She did recover and not die though.

East Term 2 2016

Gabby? More like Dabby. Wore the same unforgettable dress to TIProm. She was in CTA and was a member of the Mom-themed Doctor Doctor sketch. "Mort's Mortuary, you stab 'em, we dab 'em."