Laboratories of the Mind: Thought Experiments

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This class is not what you would expect. It is just about philosophy.

GA Tech Term One 2016

This class included Isabel Bradford, Sophie Faircloth, Morgan Lewis, Sterling, Henley Mayo Smith, Yaron, Hannah Brecher, Olivia Fugikawa (Fugi), Bethany, Vihaan Kalaria, Hayden, Alex, Roland, Lauren, Kevin, and Gabe. Several members of this class became local memes. Henley Mayo Smith, for example, became known as Guitar Kid, and was renowned in the class for always raising his hand as well. Kevin was known for being pretty strange, and Yaron was known for his inability to shut up. Isabel was the only person who ever really asked any useful questions. Bethany and Roland had some kind of argument that no one really understood. Hayden and Bethany became a couple very quickly. At the last dance, Stering and Morgan danced together. They were probably the cutest ever.

The ideal rabbit was the main joke among the class.

The instructor was Peter and the TA was Halle. Peter was very intellectual. He taught us a lot.

The class often played mafia during break. They were fast friends.

The class did include a lot of arguing. People would take sides and stick to them. Sometimes people got sore because of what others would say, but whatever. It ended up okay.

It shall be noted that in the term book, Isabel was not listed, and it was not very fair at all. Her superlative was "most likely to rock her socks". She was upset about not being in the term book. It was not fair.

GA Tech Term Two 2016

This class was a mess of gay depressed intellectuals, and we wouldnt want it any other way. Peter Sloan taught the class and we discussed the mysteries of butt shapedness, teeth, shaky films, and how this was the gayest class he had ever had. The class also had a day where Peter's girlfriend came in and where the trial class came in. It was a lot.