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Griffin Mercer is a Duke Tip legend. Griffin is known for his sense of humor. Its difficult not to smile around him because of his incredible knack of pumping out spontaneous and hilarious remarks. Fellow legend Naomi Hardin described Griffin as "the funniest person I have ever met." This is mainly due to Griffin's whole hearted embracement of the term "YOLO." He once said "I'm probably not going to see any of these people ever again, so i can do whatever the hell I want." Louisville Kentucky born and raised, Griffin is a die-hard University of Louisville fan. He is also known for his obsession with Andy Grammar and the soft drink Fresca. He attended Davidson Term 2 in 2013, Georgia Tech term 2 in 2014, and Georgia Tech term 2 in 2015. He is perhaps best known for founding the Copy/Paste game in addition to other things. You can follow him on instagram @griffin_bardine.

First Year

Little is known about Griffin's first year because he was a bit reclusive. He was in Austin's RC group. His roommate was John Ellis. He took Engineering/Problem Solving. He was known for actively tormenting his RC at every turn. A great example was when he found his twitter account and read his tweets from months ago off to him. Griffin's eyebrows became a running joke on campus. He is blond and his eyebrows are thin, so from far away it looks like he doesn't have any eyebrows at all. Eyebrow jokes were banned in his class. Griffin wore a University of Louisville shirt every day. This term at Davidson also hosted fellow legends and future friends Naomi Hardin and Mason Janenda.

Second Year

Griffin's second year is much more well documented. Griffin came way out of his shell this year making it the three best weeks of his life up to that point. During this year he was in Allison's RC group. He took Energy Conservation and Green Technology. He mostly hung out with Mason, Joey, William, Kevin, Elias, Naomi, and Claire.

RC Group

was located on first floor Armstrong. It was here where the Copy/Paste game started. The ten guys in this RC group developed an incredible bond. Griffin's superlative was "most likely to get kicked out"


Griffin took Energy Conservation and Technology. He got to know Mason a lot better and also became close friends with fellow classmates William and Joey. The class was often very boring. Griffin and Mason often headed to the bathroom to take "Clash shits." The two would play clash of clans while sitting on the toilet. Griffin was also frequently commenting about Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell to piss off Laura, the instructor who was very liberal.

Copy/Paste Game

Griffin's greatest impact at Duke Tip has been the Copy/Paste game. He and his non-TIP friends played the game and had a lot of fun with it. He introduced it to TIP this year where it exploded. Though some found it confusing or stupid at first, the thought of making your friends say stupid shit helped it to catch on quickly.


Griffin and his friends successfully "catfished" a Kentucky redneck for over a week.

Evil Apples

Evil Apples is the iOS version of cards against humanity. Griffin and his friends spent a lot of time playing this game at breakfast, lunch, dinner, free time, and after lights out.

Atlanta Dream Game

As mentioned, Griffin is a die-hard University of Louisville fan. So when he heard he was going to get to watch Louisville Alums Schoni Schimmel and Angel McCoughtry ball up, he was super pumped. Schoni Schimmel had an average game, but Angel dropped 31 and the game-winner. Griffin lost his voice around the third quarter from cheering.

White man dance moves

Following the stereotype, Griffin created four basic dance moves: The Cooper, the milkshake, the airplane, and the swing. Needless to say they were awful but incredibly funny.

Fun Fact

Griffin applied to go to Duke his second year, but he got wait-listed. A spot actually opened up for him, but his family was on vacation and Duke Tip contacted his house. The spot was given to someone else. There were only a couple of spots left in the whole country. Griffin settled on Energy Conservation and Green Technology at Georgia Tech. Little did he know, this would be the best thing that ever happened to him. To this day he still can not believe what would have happened had he not ended up at Georgia Tech and met some of the best people in the world.

Third Year

Griffin headed back to Georgia Tech. All of the friends he made last year were fourth years except for Elias. Griffin was determined to make this the best three weeks of their lives. During this term, Griffin became a campus wide celebrity. He was in Evan's RC group. He took Criminal Minds. His roommate was Justin, who was in his RC group last year. Griffin mainly hung out with returners Mason, Naomi, Joey and Elias, as well as new recruits Cooper, David, and Leah.

RC Group

Griffin thought he would be disappointed by his RC. He was already bummed because he didn't get into the same group as Mason, Joey, or Elias. On Evan's door, it said that he attended Larp conventions. The term was not off to the start he wanted. Evan turned out to be alright. But the RC group turned out to be another story. Griffin realized just how spoiled he was the last two years with his RC group. They were alright, but no one bonded the way they did his first 2 years. By the end of the term he became an honorary member of Bodi's RC group.


Griffin took criminal minds. The class was normally fun. Griffin met David in the class. His Instructor, Jesse, was awesome. However he often felt out of place in the class when talks about racial issues arrived. As a white male he often felt targeted.


Griffin went to the first dance alone. But he went with Leah to the second and third dances. During the last week the two were almost never seen apart.

Atlanta Dream Game

Griffin was going to have a hard time topping what he did last year, but he came prepared. This time he brought his University of Louisville fleece blanket. Whenever Angel or Schoni scored, Griffin waved that thing around like crazy. Schoni hit a clutch 3 while playing only limited minutes off the bench. Angel once again dropped 31. Griffin got to go on the court for the halftime introductions.


Griffin received a lanyard with only one aglet. He didn't think much of it at the time, but over time it started coming undone. Several attempts to braid the frayed end only slowed the deterioration. He was finally given a new one at the beginning of the third week.

Honorary Fourth Year

Griffin and his friends proclaimed Griffin to be an honorary fourth year. They let him join the fourth year circle at the dances, hang out with the fourth year RC groups, and stay up with the fourth years on the last night. There was a period during the second week when he and Leah switched Lanyards so that his could be orange.


Of course the game continued into this year. However newcomers David, Cooper, and Leah were losers early on because they had not yet been trained to watch what they say. This made the game increasingly fun as the veterans could pick on the newbies. Griffin was way to good at his own game. He isn't fun to copy because he will willingly say almost anything.


After the first Dance, Griffin woke up the next morning and remembered almost nothing from the previous night. All he claims to have remembered is managing to fuck up the Macarena. The second dance was more of the same but Griffin performed "Wrecking Ball." The whole night he waited for the song to come on. When it finally did, his friends got everybody to create a giant circle around him. And perform he did. At the third dance, he got to walk down the fourth year carpet because he was going with Leah. He made a bigger deal than he should have about that. He performed wrecking ball again. However fellow Duke Tip legend, former TIPster and RC, and current Instructor, Peter Sloan tried to join him in the circle. Griffin pushed him out. When asked if it was intentional or not he said, "I saw him in there (with me) and i was like 'what the fuck are you doing' in my head, so i kind of walked towards him. I didn't have the intention of shoving him, but it just kind of happened."

Last Night

Mason and Naomi MC'd the talent show, and they had a surprise act that no one knew about, even Griffin. They called him out and made him perform Wrecking ball one final time. After the talent show and slideshow had ended, Griffin received the best news of his life. He was allowed to stay up with the fourth years. That night capped off the best three weeks of his life.

Scepter of Swag

A tradition started by the great Sam Fisher, a fourth year passes the metaphorical "scepter of swag" to the most deserving third year. the receiver can thus rule the next year at the camps they choose. Sam passed it to Mason, and Mason to Griffin.

Fourth Year

In what was one of the most unfitting send offs to one of the greatest to set foot on TIP at tech, Griffin's fourth year was a disaster. He actually debated wether or not to go for his fourth year. He thought his third year was so perfect that nothing could top it. He and Elias returned to Georgia Tech though but without their former fourth year friends, something wasn't right. Everything started out bad when he learned the dorms had been moved and all the staff had been replaced. He kept an open mind though. Things picked up when first year friend Andrew Egge aka paco was on his hall and Elias was in his suite. It was all down hill from there. He was falsely accused of bullying another Tipster, the best areas of the cafeteria were banned, his class wasn't in the best building, the free time cut, and the dance was held in the shitiest spot possible. They even refused to play wrecking ball at the dance. The program Griffin so desperately loved was becoming dictatorial. On the first Sunday, he let former tipsters and Atlanta natives, Leah and Joey into the dorm. The staff found out and he and Elias were dismissed from the program in what he described as the worst day of his life. He also assured Elias that "We're fucking legends, they can't take that from us" and the Greatest Georgia tech Tipster's career was ended early.