Royalty of the Breezeway

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The KIng/Queen of the Breezeway is a flower crown originally owned by Gabby Herrick at Georgia Tech term 2 2015 and Duke East term 2 2016. It was first passed down at Duke to Nicolas (Messi) Ho, but when he was unable to return for his fourth year it was passed down to Rylee Holland and transferred to Georgia Tech term 2 2017. It was lost in 2019 with .


The flower crown of the breezeway takes its name from the original dorms used at Tech, Armstrong and Hefner. The second and third floors of the buildings were connected by a bridge called the breezeway, and many people would pass through during all times of the day. Throughout the whole term there was one constant in that breezeway, and that was the friendly laugh of Gabby Herrick. Every day she would be sitting against the window, with friends or even alone, offering jokes and friendship to every tipster who walked through. During her fourth year at Duke East, gabby wore a flower crown almost every day, and Nicolas would try to steal it, a game that started during their days together at Tech. On the last night at east, Gabby gifted Nicolas the crown and thus passed down the royalty of the breezeway for the first time (although at the time it had no official name). After much debate it was determined that the flower crown would conflict too much with the existing Little Miss Sunshine tradition at East, and so instead of keeping the crown for himself, Nicolas passed down the crown to Rylee Holland and thus gave it its official name and returned it to Tech where it had originated.

In 2017 the crown was passed to Marie Boudreaux, and in 2018 to . Yovel had a change of heart and decided to go to Duke East T2 for his final year, where 19 traditions stand with a very loyalist crowd. Considering the existence of East's Little Miss Sunshine flower crown, and the distaste East had for foreign traditions, Yovel did not pass it down, and could not find a suitable candidate willing to return it to Georgia Tech in secret, so it lies with him to this day.


The crown is to be passed down to a third year tipster who exhibits the qualities of friendship, leadership, and inclusivity. the royalty is meant to bring all Tipsters together, regardless of year, gender, orientation, or class and should take a leading role in promoting a common tipster spirit. It has been signed and dated by each successive owner since Rylee Holland. If unable to be returned by the originally selected royalty, the selected royalty has final say on who shall receive it in their stead.

Queens and Kings

Long live the Breezeway