Forensic Anthropology (Tech)

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Term 2 2017

Instructor- Paige Lynch

TA- Leslea Cole

  • Yasmin: Most likely to say an answer way too quietly
  • Mason Bray: Most man
  • Ashley Cook: Most likely to hide bones from police and throw all the shade
  • Serena Price: Most likely to get their phone taken away
  • Addie: Most likely to run up the stairs every single time
  • Maddie Lampert: Slowest walker
  • Sasha: Most likely to make up stupid names for bones
  • Alfred Rippol: Most likely to become a lawyer
  • Derrick Smith: Best Velcro
  • Zack Owens: Most likely to name their knife Pearl
  • Ryan: Most sarcastic
  • Theo Hewitt: Most likely to actually become a forensic anthropologist
  • Cece: Most likely to be way into a show
  • Sara Gussman: Most likely to yell spontaneously
  • Shea: Most soap
  • Sophia Zhu: Most likely to get moved because of Zack

Inside Jokes

  • Pearl the Knife
  • Every Bones Episode and "Bones the Musical"
  • Zack's obsession with starbucks
  • Sophia getting moved not because of Zack
  • Alfred complaining about losing jeopardy
  • Atlantis
  • The Mock Crime Scene and just everything about it in general
  • Pearl's Knifey Wifey's
  • Being late to class everyday
  • Intense Kahoot/Bone Olympics/Jeopardy rounds