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About Her

Nel was a first-year fourth-year at Georgia Tech Semester 1 of 2017. She did not have a strong grasp on the concept of moderation nor impulse control. She was part of RC Taylor's Dabbing Dudebros and additionally, she "adopted" people on campus (See Drew/Kirk/Portia). She frequently made decisions without considering consequences which she somehow manages to almost always avoid.

Bad Decisions

  1. Soy Sauce
    • Nel had sushi delivered to the dorms to share with her roommate, Amanda. The sushi came with nine packets of soy sauce and she gave one to a member of her RAG, Lydia. Later that night, she proceeded to drink all eight remaining packets of soy sauce despite her roommate's valiant attempts to stop her.
    • Nel recovered from this incident with only a mild stomachache, because Amanda is an angel of light and beauty who gave her water.
  2. Sickness
    • Nel coughed up blood during the duration of the camp. Despite the concerning signs of potentially worse illness than the nasty cold that had been spreading, she decided to ignore it and only seek medical help if it occurred for longer than an hour.
  3. Climbing
    • Nel had a penchant for climbing up places that she didn't know how to get down from. One such place was a narrow windowsill roughly 6-7 feet off the ground.
    • Sidenote: Nel is terrified of heights.
  4. Concoctions
    • Nel frequently abused her access to soda machines during the term's duration to make rather horrific combinations. She would combine flavors and types, but there are a few that stand out from the rest.
    • Coffee-Soda: Nel combined soda and coffee in a combination that foamed up. She then dipped tomatoes in the foam and ate them.
    • Cream(er)-Soda: Nel combined creamer and soda in such a way that it looked the drink should've been solid. She did not finish this drink.
  5. Energy Drinks
    • Nel drank 2.5 monster energy drinks during the first dance. She does not have enough recollection of the events afterward to write further but has a distinct memory of hiding under a table from one of the members of her RAG.
  6. Rocking Chair
    • Due to the height of the beds, many Tipsters developed different ways to climb onto them. Some climbed the railing at the foot of the bed and some climbed onto their desks so they would be high enough to get up. Nel opted against both of those options and instead chose to stand on a rocking chair every time she wanted to get in bed. This resulted in numerous cases where she nearly fell, did fall, or shrieked like a walrus when the chair shifted.
  7. Tomatoes
    • In an incident not unrelated to the Coffee-Soda Concoction, Nel regretted her less than healthy eating choices and proposed a solution. She would eat an entire bowl of cherry tomatoes. It is, at this point, that we should note Nel had acid reflux and therefore eating a bowl of tomatoes could only go poorly. She ate approximately 20 cherry tomatoes.
  8. Phone Drop
    • Despite Drew/Kirk/Portia's best efforts to prevent her from doing so, Nel repeatedly dropped her phone from the second floor of a stairwell to the first. She would then convince him to retrieve her phone for her. Upon receiving it she would promptly drop it again. This repeated more times than can be considered reasonable. Some would argue that the event itself wasn't reasonable. Nel would disagree with this.