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Not to be confused with Drew, another TiPster that Drew/Kirk/Portia has never interacted with.

Drew/Kirk/Portia was a TiPster at Georgia Tech in term 1 of 2017. He appears to have a fondness for ketchup, much to the hatred of others around him. He goes by many names, as he responds to: Drew, Kirk, Portia, Adam, Fake Adam, Ketchup Guy, Beret, Hugo, The Gettysburgs Address, Jeff, and Albert. Some think he is a vampire, but, as vampires are not real, it is far more likely that he is a robot. He was adopted by Nel during his time in Social Psych and this was when he was given the name Portia, after the princess in Barbie: Princess Charm School. Before this, the only other name he responded to was Kirk, because Kegan thought he looked like a Kirk. Afterwards, however, the number of other names he had to respond to grew exponentially.

On week 2 he was inducted into the coalition of The Dishwasher of Souls. He became the Eighth Salesman of the TiPocalypse, the Salesman of Indecisiveness. He couldn't decide on what to be the salesman of, so Donovan, the Salesman of Madness, helped him out.

Be alarmed. He was George's roommate. Being able to survive for 3 weeks was a feat in and of itself. Not to mention the fact that George was constantly getting in trouble with the RCs and getting locked out of the room. How Drew/Kirk/Portia survived is a miracle.