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Psychology Term 1 2016 at Trinity University

Inside Jokes We had many inside jokes in Psychology including the following: What's 8+8? Name a vegetable. How does that make you feel? Kazoos. Riley. Want some gum? MONNIE. It's just a prank bro. Camera. Camera.

The Cult We have united Psychology in a cult to worship our lord(TA) and savior, Lord/Miss/Lil' Suzy. All hail Suzy. Suzy knows all. We chant those in Latin and worship time is from 12:00 to 12:30. We obey our lord Suzy and listen to her every command. Kegan Birbiglia, the president of the cult and Annie Jongebreur, Vice President control the cult. Others manage and recruit new and current members.

In most of free time Psychology played intense hide-and-go-seek tag for the first part of Duke TIP. Then, they moved to frisbee, until Preston broke Austin's frisbee. Then after all hope was lost, they started playing a revolutionary game..... Mao. The game of Mao where the only rule is we can't tell you the rules. Soon after, they began to build card houses. All was great until the last day when Annie and Kegan used tape to build a huge card house. It cheated us all.

Psychology had many lit times in the library and lab. We played Bored Button and random games after we researched. We all loved to use Google Slides, especially Kegan and his animations, along with Connie and her fan fiction.

Three words. 300 Vilon Orchesta. The song of Psychology, along with You on Kazoo! and The Avatar TV Theme Song.

I never want this class to change...... BUT EVERYTHING CHANGED WHEN THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED!!!