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Ada's 2014 first term group was undoubtably the sassiest group of them all. Besides being sassy, we also have some pretty weird inside jokes.

Crack cream- TIP Juses made a coke float in the cafeteria and gave it the unfortunate name of crack cream.

"In the icebox"- This is used after "that's what she said". It refers to the list of canoodling locations found (and edited) by our group members.

Petri dish children- Ada told us that she made us all in Petri dishes. This was after we started to call her mommy. The Petri dish story was what she told the group after someone asked who our father was.

Nugget Wasted/The Nugget Expedition- Ada, along with a few other RC's (please insert their names, someone!), were on night patrol duty, and they really wanted some McDonald's. So they packed themselves in a car and hauled off to the little establishment to fulfill their cravings. They got a total of seven (7) twenty-packages (20) of chicken nuggets. After this event, unfortunately, they never wanted to touch a chicken nugget again. They went back to Belk and made buttons out of the pictures of chicken nuggets on the sides of the box. They also kindly made a button out of the receipt, which read "nugget, nugget, nugget, nugget..." to give to their boss Evan. They slid it under the door in the middle of the night, and I am sure he appreciated it very much.