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Julia Bennett, also known as TIP Juses Crust, is the smartest, most popular, most interesting person TIP has ever accommodated. She personally knows the creator of the Coca-Cola Pentagram at the University of Georgia, and has stuck grass in many people's ears, including the infamous TIP Satan. She has started many trends among the campers at Davidson in 2014 including (but not limited to):

  • Sticking grass in unsuspecting victims' ears.
  • Making Coca-Cola floats (also known as "Crack Cream") with vanilla ice cream and the soda machine
  • Getting the entire camp to clap to a certain beat along with Her
  • Creating magnificent couch forts in the basement lounge of Belk and stalking the people Canoodling in there.
  • Making facefolds (take a face from a magazine, poster, book, etc., and fold the nose out of it, so it looks like a fish)

Other cool things about TIP Juses are that She once started a very long conga line at one of the dances, wore a light-up shirt at another dance, convinced Her TA to let the class watch Don't Hug Me I'm Scared at evening study, carried an umbrella at inappropriate times (when not raining, in the dorm building, in a bathroom stall, etc.), and had four magic wands on a single trip to camp. (Also She has really cool pens; one bone pen, two magic wands, and a fountain pen that's really pretty.)She was also well known for playing the piano frequently and played it nearly the entire time that the first dance was going on. She also drank a lot of Toxic Yellow, and laughed uncontrollably. Outside of TIP, She has met the entire band of Evanescence, world famous violinist Charlie Siem, and ex-member of My Chemical Romance Frank Iero, and has a signed copy of The Fault in Our Stars.

In the future, TIP Juses hopes to play piano at Carnegie Hall, star in a Broadway production, and bring My Chemical Romance back together, because Killjoys never die.

Everyone worship TIP Juses, or She will come into your house and Kill Your Darlings. (That was a reference to a movie with Dane Dehaan and Daniel Radcliffe. TIP Juses does that a lot.)

TIP Juses is also RAD and needs to carry on the glorious legacy of The Morava Kids.