Addya Gupta

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TIP 2017

Addya went to Rice for term 1 and took the class Spy 101: Cryptography and Number Theory. She was in Claudia's RC group, aka the Krabby Patties. Addya was known for her awesome sense of style, accent, and threats to "kill" me if I didn't stop winning the card game garbage. Also, Addya was an expert on eyeliner, which I am very grateful for, and she is a serious makeup queen. Addya is a precious bean and an amazing dancer, and even if she isn't coming back to TIP because she lives in India, we will all hold her dear.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Mira, you're going to be dead if you win this round!"
  • "Move aside, Blake, I've go the eyeliner."
  • (Screaming) at Andreana