All The World's A Stage: Shakespeare in Performance

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"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them". A classic quote by the great William Shakespeare. Clearly the class with the coolest kids, you are bound to have greatness thrust upon you by taking this bomb course. This is the page for the members of the Shakesperience, and all of the amazing people who have been in this class.


Feel free to add anything about your class so we can unite with other Shakespeareans!


Term 2

The best class at Davidson probably ever, but especially in that term. Filled with people from all different backgrounds, it's surprising they all became friends so quickly. They became to closest among the TIP classes in their term, and went down in history as their TA's favorite class. Taught by Monica and their TA was Taylor (Auntie Tay).


















Inside Jokes

Okay we've got a lot here and there's probably more I forgot, but here we go.

-Sassmaster Hamlet

-"What do we say to the devil, kids?" "Not today!" (Maybe tomorrow)

-Sacred grass

-Scott the BEAST

-"Oh Phoebe, sweet Phoebe!"


-As long as it's American!

-As an American my favorite colors are red, white, and blue

-Ely's amazing photoshopping skills (Lesbian Jesus has blessed us all)

-erdding er befer ervery werd (as used by erngeler, cererlerna, and nerl)

-Our hate for the math class (but who didn't honestly)

-Some have greatness THRUST upon them!

-Shakespearean Insults

-Necromancy/Necrophilia (same thing right?)

-Females are not fully baked

-Was Shakespeare... SHAKESPEARE??!@N32?!?!!!!1363????

-King Henry had such ideal sperm

-Taylor x Rage

-Willy Shakes

-Savage Jack

-I hope you don't mind, but I peed in your sink


-You don't volunteer, I volun-told you

-Mephistofaustus (FaustusxMephistopholes, Doctor Faustus)

-Maltonio (MalvolioxAntonio, Twelfth Night)

-like a cracked egg...

-"This leaf tastes like leaf..."

-I am a reincarnation of Christopher Marlowe

-Thanks Macdeath

-The entire "Sassy Gay Friend" series on Youtube

Improv Games

Some of the best moments and inside jokes were made from playing these amazing improv games.



-Get Down Mr. President




-Presidential Candidate


-Bus Stop

-Give me back my son!!!


-The REAL werewolf

(please add more, this is all I can remember!!!)


-Izzy and Jack (Jazzy/Jizzy)

-Carolina and Heinz (no real ship name, too confusing)

-Mephistopheles and Faustus (Mephistofaustus)

-Malvolio and Antonio (Maltonio)

-Viola and Olivia (N/A)


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