Allison's Fresca Friendz

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Allison's Fresca Friendz was a Second Year RC Group at Georgia Tech 2014 Term 2. They resided on the first floor of Armstrong. Unlike nearly all other male groups, they, along with April's group. were under a female RC, and they resided in the otherwise female dorm.

The RC

Allison Briskin- The best RC you could have. She's cool, helpful, chill, and overall amazing.

The Guys

Justin Broyles- Apocalypse Soon

Ryan Eck- Criminal Minds

Nathaniel (Nathan) Little- Criminal Minds

Srivats (Big Srivi) Narayanan- Biomedical Engineering

Kyu Heong (Alex) Choi- Criminal Minds

Woodrow (Woodrow) Bradshaw- Apocalypse Soon

Griffin Mercer- Energy, Conservation, and Green Technology

Ehsan Daya- Nuclear Science

Elias Pierce- Energy, Conservation, and Green Technology

Maxwell (Max) Lee- Biomedical Engineering

Why Fresca?

This question is an ancient and the answers are highly contested. Testimonies say that the once time Chuck Norris cried,it fell into a can and it was called Fresca from that day forth. Fresca is love. Fresca is life.


Fresca Cooling system. Taking full advantage of the godly air conditioning systems of Georgia Tech's dorms. Easily broken,but its purpose was served: to cool our beverages without the highly inflated prices of a certain racketeer down the hall. Blueprints were drawn for a fresca delivery system,but plans were quickly shut down.

Shower soccer

I don't even want to talk about it. It was my soap too.

The Copy/Paste Game

Yeah. That campus-wide hellish game started right here. You're welcome. The game goes as follows: if one wishes to "copy" a said statement that another individual has made, the he may say "copy". One can prevent his/her statement being copied by saying "delete" immediately after you have said it. I you have a "copy" on a person, you may then say "paste" to them to make them reiterate their sentence.Infront of and and all tipeople.

Notable Quotes

"Want to see a picture of my anus?"

  • shows picture of uranus*

"What the hell, is that saturn?"

"Because Fresca."


"Because, Justin, I am a man, and I have my needs. And beef jerky fulfills those needs." Alex Choi

"Communal bæ" "NO! SHE IS NOT TO BE SHARED" Justin Broyles

At RC group meetings* "Hi,my name is (insert name)" (think AA meeting) HIIII (stated name) Every. Single. Time.

Card ninjas. Card ninjas everywhere.

Leave it to Srivats #leaveittosrivats

"Who would want to fornicate with breakfast food?"

Talking to the Apocalypse Soon instructor* "Dost thou procure wenches on the myspaces?"

"Space Jam Gospel"


"She cute?"

Griffin-"Paste" Justin-*pulls out chastity card