Amani Turner

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Amani Turner
Campus(es) Trinity University Term 2 2017, Trinity University Term 1 2018, Rice Unviersity Term 1 2019
Attended 2017-
Course(s) Mock Trial, Beyond Baker Street, Criminal Trial Advocacy
RAG(s) Ki, Tiffany, Lauren Keith
Roommate(s) Shaina, Ethan Sterkeson
Social Media

Amani Turner is a tipster. She attended Trinity University Term 2 2017, where she took Mock Trial and was in Ki’s group, and Trinity University Term 1 2018, where she took Beyond Baker Street and was in Tiffany’s group. In 2019, she attended Rice University Term 1, where she was a member of the LlamaSquad and took Criminal Trial Advocacy. She is Neutral Good and was voted Most Likely to Steal Lily’s Roblox Lady Friend.

Most Notably

    • peace signs*
  • She is a sister, according to Sophia, only Amani specifies that she is no longer a sister since James Charles was “cancelled” over his “sister scandal”
  • She puts obscene amounts of sugar in her tea, with a record of 6 packets in one cup.
  • Amani is a really funny person, who often took the prosecution side in class and KILLED it. Her jean jacket and bubbly personality are her trademarks.