An Average Day at TiP

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Note: This schedule is pretty much the same across all campuses, but times can and do vary.

6-8: Time to wake up, take a morning shower, read, etc.

8-9: Breakfast(Mandatory the first 2 days, Optl. the rest of the term)

9-12: Classes(with a usually 10-15 minute break halfway through)

12-1: Lunch with your class.

1-4: Classes(See above)

4-5: Off-Hall Free Time(Basically roam the dorms, or, if you're a Fourth Year, you can go off-campus)

5-6: Dinner

6-7: Evening Study(Basically an hour of class with your TA)*

7-9: Evening Activity(Could be anything that you signed up for, usually fun, but can be boring at times due to the choice)*, **

9-10: On Hall Free Time(Free Time, but you stay within your RAGs borders)* (this time is off-hall at Davidson and Duke East Campus)

10-10:45: RAG Meetings (held whenever your RC wants, between 10 and 10:45) and On Hall Free Time (and by on-hall, I mean on-dorm, if the RCs are in a good mood)

10:45: Lights Out (RCs/TAs have been known to stalk tipsters' social media and run into rooms to confiscate phones if they see you like something on Instagram/FB.)

*These can be changed due to Extracurricular activities(i.e. Bulls Game, Dances, etc.)

**Once a week your RAG gets to have "Rag Night" instead of Evening Activities. One of these can be off-campus(movie, bowling, laser tag, etc.)


Last Night- Usually the Lights Out rule is considered null on the last night. Usually, you have to be in your room by 12:30, or, if you have a good RC, you can stay in another RAGmates room for the night(Don't invite TiPsters from other RAGs, or their RC may notice). Also, if you're stealthy enough (Or happen to have a cool enough RC and knowledge of where they are patrolling), you can hang out in a female TiPsters room, though it can be tricky to pull off.

Dances/Games- Dances are usually from 7:30 to 10. Time for Evening Study is given for everyone to get ready for the Dance. Games take place during Evening Activities.


These are not all true at all campuses. Do not assume any of the following to be true.

Not all of these rules have to be followed.

You can go to breakfast at anytime before class starts.

Free time can be taken away.

And of course, no one really pays very much attention to the Lights Out Time

Changes in 2020

Starting in 2020 admin changed the schedule.

7:45- 9: Breakfast

9-12: Class (with a 15-minute break)

12-1: Lunch (with class)

1- 4:45: Class (with two 15 minute breaks or one 30 minute break)

5-6: Dinner (with RAG)

6-7:30: Free Time

7:30- 9: Mandatory Fun

9-9:30: Rag Meeting

9:30-10:45: On-hall time

10:45: Lights Out

Note: Saturdays and Sundays will have the same schedule that there has been in previous years