Andrei Vernon

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Andrei Vernon
Pronouns He/Him
Campus(es) Trinity University, Rice University
Attended 2018, 2019
Course(s) Art and Technology, Modern Programming
RAG(s) Aisha's Rainclouds,
Roommate(s) George, Andrew
Social Media

He has a sister, Christie, who also goes to TIP, and has been previously mistaken for being Andrei's mom.

Choreographed his RAG's Tipsync (which tied for first(sort of)).

Only appreciates the dankest of memes.

Member of the Church of Roblox.

Totally won a game of Kahoot.

Suggested his RC watch Killer Bean for movie night, which then proceeded to become a meme.

Started a petition along with Jacob Shatz for Dakota to sing bad guy at one of the danses. The petition got more votes than there were people at Rice. Somehow.

Member and co-founder of The KKKKK

Got a hole in one while not looking on one of the hardest holes at the sketchy putt putt place.

Always wore shirts and long pants for some reason.

Andrei is also totally a very good candidate for your job and/or university!