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Area Use Sector Location is a defined geographical location system created by TIPster Michael Panarisi at Davidson Term I 2017, mainly to help others navigate by landmarks. The numbering is mainly determined by roadways, buildings, and other landmarks (including ).


Older Systems

To navigate areas easier, the sectors are sufficed by political units and / or cardinal direction. Originally, sectors were defined as followed:

  • L (Lower / Left)
  • U (Upper)
  • R (Right)

To prevent confusion, most sectors using the original suffixes were converted into the standard cardinal direction abbreviation system. However, these sectors remain from the old system:

Number Name Location Notes
60LL 60th Lower left sector Middle Tennessee
24LL / 24UL / 24LR / 24UR 24th (direction sectors) St. Louis, MO / IL Being renamed to 24N / 24S / 24E
136R Right side Sector 136 Louisville, KY

Current System

Mainly, cardinal directions or landmarks suffix the sector number (I.e. 51S, 83T, 14N), with second direction sectors, (second, 3rd, etc. north / south / east / west) are ended with a number (88W4, 51AE2, 57TPS2). Examples of TiP locations:

Campus Sector Name Notes
Davidson 77N2 2nd northern sector 77
(east and west) 58D Durham sector 58
Georgia Tech 47A Atlanta Sector 47