Aria's Pink Ladies

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Aria's Untimely Will

  • To Gill: ultimate strength and biceps of a true bawse
  • To Sarah: a Happily Ever After with a fine lad who truly understands how amazing you are
  • To Genny: an awesome third dance and the tallest of sirs
  • To Anne: real life guitar playing skills to serenade the group throughout the remainder of group meetings in my absence
  • To Harper: MoodyHipster, the most amazing blog the world hasn't even seen yet
  • To Cat: a successful marriage, celebrated not only through the reliving of TIP memories
  • To Lauren C: the warmest eyes and smile combo any girl could ever ask for
  • To Faith: nothing but positive vibes to pick you up when you're feeling down
  • To Lauren MD: the greatest, funniest storytelling abilities any human will ever have the pleasure of knowing
  • To Tiffany: endless healthy snackage in your time of need and a mom purse because you literally have everything
  • To Karina: the everyday heart-melting experience of having someone look at you the way Jack does
  • To Kenzie: a lifetime of beautiful experiences to match your spunky personality
  • To Andi: nothing but kindness returned to you for every bit of kindness you have consistently shown to others
  • To Tara: mild chill, but only for games of ninja
  • To Alyssa:

The Pink Ladies

  • - most likely to be Rachel Berry
  • Andi vonHilshimer - most likely to find chill in the RC meetings
  • Anne Bagnal - most likely to be playing guitar in a meeting
  • Cat Hannahs - most likely to need a lice comb
  • - most likely to be shushed in the hall
  • Genny Timmerman - most likely to get the group quiet
  • Gillian Ryan - Most likely to have their most likely omitted from the term book
  • Harper Carlton - most likely to lose chill in the RC meeting
  • Karina Lopez - most likely to have a fairytale relationTIP
  • Kenzie Hardt - most likely to be in two RC groups
  • Lauren Cobak - most likely to eat a squid
  • Lauren MD - most likely to have Aria love her stories
  • Sarah Wiser - most likely to have a soap opera worthy romance
  • Tara Fredenburg - most likely to get heated in a game of ninja
  • Tiffany Jordan - most likely to be late
  • Aria - most likely to be in a tree #WRGO