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Terms At TiP 2016: Term II Georgia Tech International Relations

      Roommate:Katie (part of the Wytie RelationTip)

2015: Term II East Campus Information Security: From Turing to Snowden.

       Roommate: Taylor

2014: Term II Trinity Psychology

       No Roomie

2013: Term I Trinity Shakespeare

      Roommate: Cassie

2015: Asa is the Silent(ish) and Mildly Bloodthirsty Watcher of Information Security on East Campus. She has blond/blue hair, blue(ish) eyes, and a love of the group name "The Lynch Mob". As this has not yet come to pass, she is instead a member of the Seamstress's Guild, which also includes Kate and Saffie. Additionally, she is part of the Tie Cult.

2016: Asa is a fourth-year at Georgia Tech, and is taking International Relations during Term II. Though her love of scarves and mildly questionable clothing choices may be...tolerated, she stands by them. (and her purple lipstick!) Passed down a copy of Twelfth Night and a deck of cards.

Books Read At TIP:

2013: 19

2014: 24

2015: 50

2016: Too Few...