Austin Rodriguez

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Austin Rodriguez
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Campus(es) Austin College, Texas A&M, Rice University
Attended 2012,2013,2014,2015
Course(s) America and the World, The Future of Money, Military Leadership and the Theory of Warfare, Criminal Law and Mock Trial
RAG(s) Daniel, Holden, Michael He, Connor
Roommate(s) 1st Year: Alex, 2nd Year: Johnny, 3rd Year: Drew Knauss, 4th Year: Jeremy Castro, Sam Wright, Jace Tyler
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Austin was a 4th year 4th year, attending Austin College in 2012, Texas A&M in 2013, and Rice University in 2014 and 2015, all term 2.

First Year

During his first year at TIP, Austin had the rc Daniel, who he thought was mean, and took the class "America and the World." He made many friends including Jace Tyler, Hector Martinez, Champ Warren, Denice Rios, and many others many of whom he never saw again. His roommate was Alex, they didn't talk much. Unfortunately during Roofest he was on team grellow, which meant he got last place. Actually third place.

Second Year

Austin went to A&M for his second year, and this time he had a better RC, Holden. Holden was chill. Austin was enrolled in the class "The Future of Money" taught by Chris Yost-Bremm. Some things that stand out from Austin's second year: 1) He and Hector ate at least one ramen everyday 2) Austin downloaded and became addicted to the phone game Funrun, which he spent many hours playing with his friends 3) Won the soccer even during Agfest with help of Ari Cohn, Champ Warren, Lenin, Noah Lynch, and others. In the end he finished 3rd place in Agfest. 4) His roommate, Johnny, left after the first week, giving Austin two beds to sleep on. 5) Was part of the last group of tipsters to attend at TAMU.

Third Year

In his third year at TIP, Austin went to Rice, staying in Brown college. His roomate was Drew Knauss. He took the course, "Military leadership and the theory of warfare" taught by Cameron McCoy, a celebrity teacher from the military. Cameron had the ability to literally beat the shit out of people just by looking at them. Also at brown a new activity was added to Austin's list of addictions...Foosball. One of the sides was missing a player and had a bent bar, and this legendary figure became known as the "lone ranger." The winner of the game got to use the good side of the table, while all challengers were forced to use the lone ranger. While Austin was unable to beat legend Ari Cohn, he was able to beat his friend Hector Martinez pretty handily. It was also during his third year that Austin made a legendary discovery on how to survive a plane crash. Most thought his "discovery" was proof of him being control group, but one day he'll show them who was right all along.

Fourth Year

In his final year at TIP, Austin stayed at Sid college at rice. He took the class "Criminal law and mock trial" where he met friends such as George Bison, Morgan Churchill, and Chelsea Marie. His roomates were Jeremy Castro, Jace Tyler (who you'll remember has been with Austin all four years), and Sam Wright. This was by far his most fun year at TIP. Austin had a wonderful time. Highlights include finally settling the score with Hector in Foosball, with Austin ending with a winning record of 14-9. Also on the last night of TIP ever Austin pulled his first ever all nighter. With help from friends Paul Farmer and Patrick, Austin and Jace figured out how to sneak onto the roof of Sid college, promptly peeing off the roof to assert dominance. While the class was the worst one he had ever taken at TIP, he still managed to have a really good time.