Autumn Hinze

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Autumn Hinze is probably one of the best people to ever attend TiP. She was a third year fourth year, attending Davidson Term 1 2011 (First year), Tragically getting waitlisted her second year, and Duke West Term 1 in 2013 and 2014 (Third and Fourth year). Despite not being a fourth year fourth year, Autumn had enough TiP spirit in her heart to seem like a fourth year fourth year and that's honestly what matters.

First Year

The person making her page knows pretty much nothing about her first year except that it was at Davidson term 1.

Third Year

After being tragically waitlisted her second year, Autumn came to West term 1 2013 . She was in Cathy's RAG along with Sarah Kinney, Taylor Thomas, Sydney Britton, and Alyson Win. Her roommate was Taylor Thomas and they became known as Taytumn. Autumn had a plethora of Luna Bars in her room along with disposable silverware and Nutella. Autumn took Forensic Science and quickly became best friends with fourth year, Josh Elkin. Autumn was known for many things. She coined the popular terms "premium" and "basic". In fact, Cathy's RAG was known as The Premiums that year (Who apparently, some of the second years feared). She also coined "GrelLoL" along with Alyson Win. Autumn was also an incredible singer who's voice goes very well with Alyson Win's. With the help of Raina Salvidar's guitar playing skills, they sang Ho Hey by the Lumineers at the talent show along with Sarah Kinney and Evelyn Murray.

Fourth Year

Autumn (Thank god) loyally came back to West Term 1 for her fourth year. She took Forensic Anthropology with her best friend, Sarah Kinney. She was in Kanise's RAG along with Sarah Kinney, Ritu Sachdeva, and Sonali Mehta. Her roommate was Meghana Rao. During free time, you could often see Autumn hanging with Barry's RAG along with the likes of Sarah Kinney, Ritu Sachdeva, Alyson Win, Olivia Larner, Sonali Mehta, and Chrissy Nagy at the Bryan Center. She was an active participant of the jam sessions they would have during night free time. Autumn was on the grellow team for quadfest who got second place, but they also got first place in spirit. Autumn was in a hella cute relationTiP with Michael Miltich aka beanie baby the last two days of TiP. He took her down the red carpet and they were pretty adorable. Autumn did a dramatic reading of the song, Fancy by Iggy Azalea along with Sarah Kinney, Caroline Hall, and Sarah Leonardis for the talent show. She also once again teamed up with Alyson Win to sing, but they had no idea what to sing for the first two weeks. Then Sonali Mehta gave them a great idea and showed them a mashup of "Home" by Edward Sharpe and "Home" by Phillip Phillips on Youtube. Then with the help of Jordan Couceyro's ukelele skills, Alyson, Autumn, and Sonali were able to recreate the mashup at the talent show. It was very emotional and epic. Autumn was also Hazel Grace in the fourth year TFIOS doctor doctor skit. Autumn, along with most of the other fourth years, may or may not have participated in an activity that most fourth years do on the last night, only to be stopped by someone putting it as their snapchat story