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Ava's RAG was a group of third-year girls at Duke West Term II 2018. They performed Boyfriend by Justin Bieber for TiPSync and were on Blue Team (the WINNING team) for Quadfest.

Notable Events

The Night of Anarchy

It took us five minutes to dissolve into anarchy. -- Natalia

Background Information

After attending Balloon Towers, Emily taped a blue balloon to Ava's door as an offering. Malaika threatened to murder this balloon multiple times, finally going through with these threats on some undetermined moment during the second week. A grave of medical tape, provided by Emily, was erected in honor of the fallen balloon.

Afterward, another balloon was taped to Ava's door. The words "Hewwo? Mr. Obama?" were written on this balloon. After this balloon appeared, members of Ava's RAG began to inexplicably chant the Hewwo meme at any given moment. This annoyed Ava, so she popped the Hewwo balloon, which she believed was the source of the meme. (She claimed it was an accident. But was it??) The death of the Hewwo balloon stemmed the meme for a while, but things escalated on the night of Sunday, July 22nd.

The Night

After the RAG meeting, Olivia discovered an old shoe under her drawer. She approached Natalia and Bryanna with this, asking if they wanted it. Katherine, who had been talking to Natalia and Bryanna prior to this, turned and proclaimed, "Fre Sh Avoc aSHOE!", forever solidifying her place as a meme lord.

Then, Malaika popped three other balloons, claiming that she needed to become a "serial balloonist." The corpses of these balloons were taped to Ava's door along with a new and improved grave for all four of the fallen balloons. Ava's whiteboard was converted into a wanted poster for Malaika with a reward of $1 bil. Afterwards, Jenny revived the Hewwo, proving that the Hewwo balloon was not in fact the source of the meme's power. After the Hewwo meme was revived, Ava's RAG returned to their rooms.

In Natalia and Bryanna's Room

At the conclusion of the Night of Anarchy, Bryanna and Natalia were inside their room. Natalia said she was going to have another Starbucks coffee. Bryanna replied that Ava was going to have to pry that out of her cold, dead hands. Natalia then asked if Bryanna was going to kill her just as Ava walked in, inquiring about how things were going. Bryanna told Ava that Natalia had Starbucks; Natalia replied that Starbucks "doesn't make energy." This thoroughly confused Ava as well as Bryanna and Natalia. Ava decided to leave and return later.

After Ava left Bryanna and Natalia's door, Olivia stuck her phone into their room and started playing the Ancient Mesopotamia Song, specifically the verse about the Euphrates River. Ava then came in and told everyone to go to bed. Thus ended the Night of Anarchy, the night that Ava's Term II RAG became legendary.

Members of Ava's RAG


- Most likely to know all the words to Disney songs


- Most likely to pick up a southern accent


- Most likely to star in Mamma Mia 3


- Most likely to casually flex her IQ


- Most likely to get into Hogwarts


- Most likely to tree pose


- Most likely to say "Big Mood"


- Most likely to casually know the President


- Most likely to be the next Ellen


- Most likely to be the Cat meme


- Most likely to get you to play cards with her


- Most likely to be the (Mexican) Mao Master


• “Flesh pasta!”

• “Don’t let them,” followed up by “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

• “Big mood.”

• “Beep beep!” (usually said to quiet everyone down)