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The backpack was a theoretical punishment at TIP West 2010 for when a TIPster was caught swinging their lanyard. The idea was that the TIPster would be forced to backpack it, or wear it in a sort of backpack style. To backpack your lanyard, you would wrap it around your stomach then pull part of it up over your head, so it looked kind of like a backpack strap (hence the name). This punishment method of course backfired, as many TIPsters would just reset their lanyard's position after out of sight of the RC who punished them. Furthermore, many TIPsters and staff members would wear the backpack at all times, often because it was convenient, you would never lose it, and as one TIPster stated, "it outlines my pecs."

  • Origin

The backpack punishment can be attributed to Chandler, a rebel (but not really) second year who was always swinging her lanyard. Kat, her RC, was the first one to start telling lanyard-swinging TIPsters to wear them "Like a backpack!" and throughout the first term it caught on with the rest of the staff.

Discrepency: When Austin Espey, third year of Neuroscience 2010 began wearing his lanyard, Sam the TA thought that this would be an amusing punishment for lanyard swinging. His idea quickly spread through campus. Meanwhile, Austin devised a strategy for swinging his lanyard while backpacking it.