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Rebecca A.K.L. Hain does not have a page yet, and this is a tragedy more terrible than that of Romeo and Juliet, so I intend to fix it.

Year 1 and Year 2

Now, I didn't meet Becca until her third year on check-in day, when my brother locked my lanyard in the bathroom despite multiple warnings and I had to knock on her door and ask for help. I wish I had met her sooner, but I did not, so I cannot speak for her first two years at TiP. Hopefully someone who knows more will come edit this.

Rice Term 1, 2017

In 2017, Becca was a member of Ashley's amazing RC group. During these three weeks, Becca wore Dakota's hat, sang Taylor Swift loudly and obnoxiously, and made an excellent Candace in her RC group's Phineas and Ferb theme song tipsync performance. She took Microeconomics because she had misheard the lyrics in the Twenty-One Pilots song Ride. Instead of "Yeah, I think about the end just way too much," she heard, "Yeah, I think about the interest rate too much." She wanted to know what the interest rate was. Microeconomics did not teach her this and instead taught her lots of math, but she enjoyed it anyway and ended up creating an app. Becca helped start the trend of putting cereal in coffee cups. She could be seen around campus pointing at squirrels and making squirrel jokes with her friend Harper due to an unfortunate incident involving the phrase "How do you function?" and a very loud cafeteria.

Rice Term 1, 2018

In Term 1 of 2018, Becca took Criminal Trial Advocacy with the legendary Don C. Donelson III and TA Sam. She always tried her best to answer Don's questions even though she never quite got there. Becca was a member of the team Two Guys Walk Into the Bar, which came in last place at the end of the term with exactly 1 point. They would have done better, but they bet all of their points on a particularly bold but incorrect answer of "it depends". Becca was also a member of the third team to ever defeat Don in mock trial. She stays in touch with the crime syndicate that has never actually committed any crimes but plans to rob a bank (of its pens). Becca was one of Harper's hamsters and loved dance for beginners. She was a part of a very complex family tree where she was a goddess and had demigod twin sons Sam and Sahil with Harper. You could tell Becca apart from all of the other Tipsters because of the broken, perpetually half open bumblebee umbrella from kindergarten that she insisted on carrying around for the entire term even though it wouldn't close. She also made amazing comments like, "Do you want me to feel it for you?" and, "Well if they're missing I can't see them!" that are just beyond explanation. Becca did not cry once during the last night of her fourth year, which either makes her a sociopath or just incredibly strong. Maybe she cried when she went home.

Becca can now be seen in Dallas Dallas counting cocoa puffs and accomplishing impossible hairstyles. She may not be able to come back to TiP officially, but I intend on sneaking her in in my suitcase next year because I can't imagine TiP without her. Love you, Becca. Hope you like your page.