Bed Time Stories

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Bed Time Stories is Term II tradition at the UGA campus in which RCs tell bed time stories in the few minutes before lights out. These stories feature tipsters and staff members as characters in the stories and may have interactive elements.

History of the Bed Time Stories

Term 2, 2010

Bed Time Stories was started in Term II of 2010 when over the duration of the last 10 days of UGA Term II, 2010 Colin Knight requested a story, complaining he couldn't fall asleep. As the story grew in popularity, it ultimately resulted in both groups of 4th year girls coming over after on-hall time and sitting in front of Colin's room to listen. The story was known best for including a large portion of the 4th years, as well as the count T.E.S.S.A (The Esteemed State of Saudi Arabia) and M.A.G.G.I.E.

Term 2, 2011

This Bed Time Story was begged for by the 4th years guy group which did not know of the tradition because of the completely new staff that was brought in for the following year, and was told by Megan the RC. These segments were told right after the TiP-Serenades and were listened to by many RC groups. The story featured the Zombies and Vampires TA and the missing Geoff Toy. This story was interactive, and had the TiP-sters acting parts out.

The Stories

While they were meant to be read outloud to a listening 4th year audience, these stories have been recorded and transcribed by dedicated tipsters into a text form after TiP was over.

2010's Story

Colin's Tale

A tale about an average tipster who does extraordinary things and discovers a hidden conspiracy underneath the very summer program he attended.

2011's Story

A magical tale of a mystic quest through a special door in the boy's bathroom that lead to a magical world in order to save an RC from his kidnappers.