Beyond Baker Street (Wake Forest Term Two)

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Beyond Baker Street is the best class on the Wake Forest campus that deals with detectives and their methods in literature and film. This specific page is concerned with this class at Wake Forest in term two of 2017. The class' instructor was James Trent McLees, known as Trent to most, and the T.A. was Yasir "YasManSquito" Razak. The students in this class consisted of Josey, Kallie, Jansen, Kenneth, Jamie, Lauren, Michelle, Haley, Audrey, Jack, Sophia, Kathryn, Valerie, Parker, Matt, and Alex.

We're the best class for a number of reasons. The main reasons being our curriculum including the investigation of the murder of our TA, the founding Sahdude cult, the popularization of the game "Honey, do you love me?"(Matt's the reigning champion (assuming you only count BBS kids)), YasManSquito’s rap video, and of course, Trent's amazing portrayal of Britney Spears in the counselor TipSync performance.

Quotes: ~ "What would we do without murder?" "Are you condoning murder?" "Yes." ~ "Ameliorate." ~ "Wait... you don't get toothbrushes in prison?!?" ~ "Watson 1 strikes again!" ~ "Watson 3" ~ "I just wanted us to be friends" "uh huh" ~ "Hey Yasir, you're the freshest around; everyone knows that you run this town." ~ "Honey do you love me?" ~ "Why is he taking a nap in the freezer?" ~ "What's another name for Benedict Cumberbatch?" "Daddy." ~ "Do you swear on the curly locks of daddy?" ~ "Ourang......OUTANG!!" ~ "Honey, do you love me?" ~ "SPORTSBALL!!!" ~ "I forgot the police existed." ~ "Ameliorate me daddy."

~Superlatives~ --Alex B--Most likely to start a cult --Haley F--Most likely to laugh very easily --Matt P--Least likely to laugh --Michelle M--Most likely to flex --Parker P--Most likely to win at "Werewolf" --Lauren J--Mostly likely to cry at a "G" note --Valerie C--Most likely to dip potatoes in chocolate --Jamie W--Most likely to take a nap in a freezer --Kathryn H--Most likely to script the whole play --Kenneth H--Most likely to call someone "Watson 3" --Sophia B--Most likely to marry hazelnut creamer --Jansen T--Most likely to jam to Journey --Jack M--Most likely to meme --Kallie C--Most likely to latty think --Audrey J--Most likely to eat cereal for six meals in a row --Josey H--Most likely to marry Josh Hutcherson

~ Links ~ YasManSquito's rap video: Sahdude Cult information: