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Bivins Building is a medium-sized, rather rundown brick building. It is what would happen if a Boston townhouse had a lovechild with the Alamo. Honestly. It is outside the East Campus "legal boundaries" for a TiPster to exist in. It is extremely outside of boundaries, in fact, because it is past Biddle Music building. It features several dubious claims to fame. THe building was shared by Writing for the Stage and Game Theory. It has a basement classroom, used in Term II, 2006, by Writing for the Stage. The room is painted entirely white. The windows are so high in the walls that almost nothing can be seen. (Also, the pipes running through the halls are covered in what feels like papier-mache.) The whiteness and lack of view as well as the padded pipes and the cramped quarters of the room cause a feeling similar to that of an insane asylum. The room has what appears to be a bombproof and bulletproof steel door. It is always extremely hot in this room, despite its advertised air conditioning system. Outside this door, in the hall, there are a few notable features. There are men's and women's bathrooms, one or the other of which is hopelessly locked, so nobody pays much attention to the Men/Women signs. There is also a weak water fountain and a door leading outside. This door has a handicapped push button on it and this button led to the famous "killing babies" debate, an offshoot of the "gay babies" debate. A;so in the hall is a wall covered in posters from various plays and musicals. Upstairs, there is another room; it is a dance studio. It is also painted white, but the windows are useful, even though someof them are small and square. This room, because it had a stage surface, was inconvenient because those using the room had to take off their shoes. (Although it had a super mirror.) The room was excellent for improptu dance parties, scary conferences, story time, improv games, our little acting experiments, and the endless walking skills training provided by Jake, as well as whatever the Game Theory class used it for (obviously an activity that required large amounts of jargon to be written on the board and then never erased. This room was also hot. While it was good for these things, it was a very inconvenient place to hold a play festival. This was due to the two large structural pillars in the middle of the room and the extremely awkward light layout. Besides all these things, Biddle also hosted several temperamental professors who TiPsters apparently disturbed; these eminent personages caused the WFTS class to recieve a lecture on how difficult the papers that they were wrting were. The benefit of Bivins' remote location was its access to a square of benches and a large, unmolested area of the quad for breaks. Its location on the fringes of TiPster life caused it to be a boundary for the massive game of Capture the Flag that was an activity one night.