Blazing Sea Nuggets

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Blazing Sea Nuggets are a TIP legend. These "fish" products were served at West and East from before 1998 until 2005. You do not know what is in these. You do not ask what is in these.

These nuggets are the consistency of fish sticks and actually come in a package labeled "Blazing Sea Nuggets." The cafeteria uses this name on their board, as well. The name has also been used by RCs during the on Casino Day.

When they were served during the first term of '05, several forth year girls managed to sneak roughly 7 out of the cafeteria for the scavenger hunt. They resided in the Basset 3rd floor refrigerator for most of camp and by the time the hunt rolled around, they were rather disgusting.

During Term II '05, they appeared not have been served. However, after asking very politely, some 4th Years were able to secure 3 from the kitchen staff for the scavenger hunt. Unless someone cleaned it was out, they are currently residing in the 1st Floor Bassett kitchen refrigerator.

Sadly, Blazing Sea Nuggets have not been Blazing for half a decade. In their historically fantastic form, they were extremely spicy. Now, they're nothing more than breaded fish cubes.

As of Term I 2006: Due to a new food provider, Blazing Sea Nuggets are apparently no longer in existence.