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Boytoyz is the most amazing sensation to come out of TAMU ever. A production studio, a boy band, you name it! The group is comprised of RCs Luke, , And Jordan Land during TAMU Term 2 2009. They recorded two movies and one song, all of which were completely and totally amazing.

Materials produced by the Boytoyz

  • Enrique Iglesias - Hero (Cover)/Music Video @ South Padre, Texas
  • Back Street Boys - I Want It That Way (Cover) @ Paris, France
  • I Love TiP - A parody of the song "I Love College" in which the Boytoyz sing about all the amazing things at TiP.
  • That's Not my name - A horror flick chronicling the events that go down one night when the ghost of Moses Hall strikes
  • This is Duke TiP - A movie about relationTiPs, amazing things happening, and the one and only David.