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Breakfast at Tippany's was Tiffany's RC group during term 2 of 2018 at Trinity University. It is known by its members to be not only the best RC group the program has ever seen, but also quite possibly the gayest (only 5 out of its 14 members were not part of the lgbt+ community in some form).


Krithi - Often found playing her roommate's ukulele and leading sing-alongs in the hallway. She performed "Hey Soul Sister" in the talent show and made everyone's hearts explode with how great it was. Also super smart, voted "most likely to be a neurosurgeon" by her Modern Medicine class and "most likely to win every trivia" by her RC group.

Logan - Loves K-dramas. Got sick towards the beginning of term and spread it to everyone else, voted "most likely to get you sick" by her RC group (an illness known as "llswagitis"). Went to every dance as her own date.

Jada - Voted "most likely to make a new llama species". Has been known to shout-out many people's moms while playing card games such as Mao. Missed Fortnite while at camp.

Betsy- Made the expression "we stan" popular within the RC group, as well as "hydrate or diedrate" along with Erin. Also created the "Betsy pose", essentially a deep lunge, which was featured in the group's tipsync performance. Known for her gay jokes and affinity for writing and performing slam poetry.

Sarah - Would often facetime her boyfriend after lights out. Once, while sleeping on the floor in the very early morning, she sat up, looked her suitemate in the eye, whispered "sometimes you can see them sitting on the other counters", nodded, and went back to sleep. She later had no memory of this.

Kimsey - Got a boyfriend on like the 2nd to last day of camp (they were adorable). Also hurt her leg on the last night. Overall, had an eventful last couple days. Voted "most likely to drink a coke"

Jules - Small person with big personality. Was voted "most likely to lick a pretzel". Just wanted everyone to be quiet so they could get through the RC meetings as fast as possible.

Kayden - Known to sneak food out of the dining hall at dinner to eat for breakfast the next day. Once made beet tea and soup out of hot water and vegetables from the salad bar in a batman mug from Main Event. Just wanted more sleep. Violin royalty.

Alex - Made the response "Oh?" popular within the RC group. Voted "most likely to bring a whale to camp". Can be found on the Speculative Fiction term book page looking INCREDIBLE.

Cam - Voted "most likely to send 'love me's'. It was supposed to say 'love memes' but Tiffany, being a thousand years old as she is, misheard. Nevertheless, it is true. Has been compared to an axolotl on multiple occasions. Has been said to be intimidating at first but also very comforting. Possesses the most BDE out of everyone in the group. Elder gay.

Erin - The soccer mom of the group. Almost always wins at card games, especially Mao. Co-creator of "hydrate or diedrate". Voted "most likely to run into something" for her habit of counting how many times in a day she has done something clumsy.

Daniela - The purest person. Always said that talking to people was her high for the day. Has really cool blue hair. Makes you want to protect her.

Jess - Most extra person in the RC group; voted "most likely to be dramatic". Lost both her voice and her ability to walk in the last week and would often make terrifying laughing noises and then start laughing for real.

Malia - Voted "most likely to be 'vintage aesthetic'" after Betsy kept describing her as such. Snorted parmesan cheese all over the table at her first meal at tip. Was too shy to talk to most people until the second or third week. Was weeping her eyes out at the last RC meeting and all of the next day. Loves and misses everyone a lot!!!!