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eltrac The Bunnies were a group of people at Davidson Term II, 2005. This article is about the synonym for sex.

Bunny is a synonym for horny created by Chris's RAG at 2005 East Term II.

After a rather eventful RAG night, mostly involving dirty comments and insinuations made by the girls, they were walking back to campus from 9th street with too much sugar in their systems. They some how got onto the subject of being horny (perhaps after passion drops and boys were mentioned, once again, by Victoria aka "Sass").

They then saw a rather cute and adorable bunny running by and into small grove of trees. Emma (aka purple hair girl) tried to run after it, but to no avail. Someone (again, probably Sass) mentioned how horny & fertile bunnies were, hence the term "Are you bunny?" After asking everyone in the common room that night if they were bunny, the hilarious lil joke was created. The meaning of bunny was later revealed by Sass on the last day by shouting "Bunny means horny!" up and down the halls of Alspaugh.


At Davidson Term II, 2005, the bunny was used as a word for sex. This started when Megan, from Brook's RC group started singing the "The internet is really really great...for porn!" song on the second floor of Belk. However, before the last word had come out of her mouth, an RC from another hall had stopped in the doorway, and what did shoot out of her mouth was "Bunnies, and research, and other TIP-appropriate things..."

note that the term Bunny has a completely different meaning at Duke West campus. It was the nickname given to one of its campers in 2011, by another group of campers who had no knowledge of the previous meanings of "bunny" at Duke TIP. While the coincidence is rather hilarious, it is just that: a coincidence.