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Cameron Howell began his TIP tenure (referred to in bad taste by some as a "TIPture") at the Davidson campus in 2007 as a lowly (lowly) first year. The boy instantly made friends (and enemies) with many. He recognized the Muffins and their potential during his first year and nurtured relationships with several early on. He became entangled in an infamous TIP-lationship/Relation-TIP/TIP-lation-TIP in this first year at Davidson with one Amy Harvie, resulting in a steamy hallway kiss and several late nights spent researching Clark Gable and High School Musical.

Cameron reached the height of his fame that year in the annual TIP-sync. That year, a group of students entered the stage dressed in female garb and performing their rendition of the Cyndi Lauper classic "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", stuffed undergarments and all. Unbeknownst to the audience, these students were male, despite some debate over the lead singer in the orange blouse and size two jeans. The video was posted to YouTube soon following and can be found here: [1]. Yes... these are boys.

Following said TIP-sync, Mr. Howell fell into hard times and was nearly expelled from the TIP program due to problems involving the philosophy class in which he was involved. His TIP-lationship/Relation-TIP/TIP-lation-TIP with Ms. Harvie fell apart and he sunk into depression. But alas, as all good TIP-sters know, this is what the talent show is for.

Mr. Howell made (or rather, sang) his swan song on the last evening of TIP Term One Davidson 2007 in the form of the Rolling Stones and a rollicking night filled with pizza, profit, Mountain Dew, promiscuous hand-holding and tickling, and ruined t-shirts and left satisfied the following day after mending his TIP-lationship/Relation-TIP/TIP-lation-TIP with Ms. Harvie.

The following year, after being accepted, Cameron was unable to attend TIP and was shipped off to Military School in what many would call an untimely manner.

After enduring a year of hardship at said Military School, Mr. Howell returned to TIP at East Campus in 2009, enrolling in Loran Allen Smith's Creative Screenwriting class with fellow classmates Dan Rothman, Sarah Garza, Emma Joslyn, and Irene Hsu (among others). He belonged to Alan Chargin's Bassett crew and developed casual friendships with RCs (Peter Sloan, and Mr. Chargin included) and more serious TIP-lationships/Relation-TIPS/TIP-lation-TIPs with other staff members including Jane Lee.

He developed lasting peer-to-peer friendships with many, including (but not limited to):

  • Cecily Larison (later of pen-pal fame)
  • Dan Rothman
  • Emma LaBounty
  • Emma Joslyn
  • Sarah Garza
  • Ted...
  • Aidan Berkey
  • Andi Overton (wink wink... foxy lady)
  • Joyce Lu
  • David Eskin
  • Ariana (before her swine flu-induced absence)
  • Joe Sharp
  • Spencer Davis (once again following their previous friendship at Davidson)
  • Irene Hsu
  • Matt...
  • and many others...

[EDIT: these were not, in fact, my friends, get your facts straight people. I had but one friend and his name was Tippy] [EDIT2: I love you. - Jordan]

Note that it was here at TIP, where Mr. Howell was introduced to his later love, and eventual profession: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Water, Fire.

Mr. Howell spent much of the term this time on failed attempts at TIP-lationships/Relation-TIPs/TIP-lation-TIPs with such foxy women as Andi Overton, Fussypants, Emma LaBounty, and the immortal Jane Lee.

Mr. Howell also ate too many bowls of Fruit Loops and drank far too much cheer-wine.

On the last night of the term though, Mr. Howell attempted to recreate his former glories with a timeless performance of his original song "Souljah Boy", in which he prompted a hesitant audience to bite the moves of popular dance star Souljah Boy after whom the song was named (it is a common misconception that Mr. Boy/Souljah wrote the aforementioned song, but this is in fact a myth) (the moral of this story: take everything that people who write their name on sunglasses say with a grain of salt).

On this last night, Cameron realized just how much he was loved by and how much he himself loved the people around him and after being passed down the Pimp Cane by David Eskin, lived out a very, very memorable evening involving Girl Talk albums, Star Wars trivia, never-ending dance parties, phone number exchanging, and laying. The Pimp Cane has not been returned, but is waiting it's eventual reunion when his brother, Noah, will place it back into circulation (in 2013).