Camp Steiner

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Camp Steiner, fully known as Thomas Camp Steiner or "Tommy" is currently a 2nd year TIPster. He has attended TIP at Davidson both years, both in Term 2.


First Year

In 2015, Camp took the Engineering Problem Solving class, taught by Idi Murray and TA Jeremy Plunkett. Other students included
  • Paul Adkins
  • Other Students
  • In this wonderful class, he built bridges and learned about gravity. After taking this class, Camp loved Davidson so much he decided to come back!

    Second Year

    In 2016, after an amazing experience at Davidson, Camp wanted to come back. He enrolled in Cryptography, and got in. By a curious coincidence preordained by the Powers That Be, he was put in the same class (again) as Paul Adkins.

    RC Group


    ...please hold, retrieving information from the Land of Memories


    Camp was placed in Deion Sanders' group, which is totally the most lit of all RAGs. Other members include:

    • Paul Adkins
    • Tucker Williams
    • Barak Huang
    • Benjamin Huan
    • Joshy Josh
    • John aka Sellers
    • Tomas B
    • Vincent
    • Joel Soto

    Future Life

    Camp has had a good experience at TIP thus far, and plans on attending in the coming years.