Cara Weisman

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Cara Weisman attended four years of TiP: Davidson 1 2005, Duke East 1 2006, East 1 2007, West 2 2007, and East 1 2008. She is known for her vast knowledge of Oscar Wilde. Should one know anything about Oscar Wilde or his writings, Cara will instantly fawn over such a person. She can also be recognized by her respectable shoulders. She is married to Jenny Halliwell since Term 1 2007.

Her catchphrases include "Oy!", "Artichokes can be daunting!", and "I'm from ------- Finland," a phrase of her own invention, first canonized by Emily Rose.

Past Classes

  • Davidson 1 2005: Short Fiction
  • East 1 2006: Criminal Trial Advocacy
  • East 1 2007: Abnormal Psychology
  • West 1 2007: Human Intelligence
  • East 1 2008: Philosophy, where she far surpassed the majority of the class in terms of prowess.

The Red Shirt and The Bucket

Cara is the owner of a red shirt that many TiPsters of Davidson 1 2007 and West 2 2007 have seen on a strange meowing Chinese kid, as some have also seen at East 1 2008. Although few TiPsters truly understand the significance of this red shirt, such as the legendary , it will always stand as an important gift.

Cara is also the owner of a Vermonster Ice Cream bucket with duct tape, which was a gift from . Mitchell Ludden was often seen wearing this bucket over his head.


Cara is known to be humble about herself, turning down any and all compliments. Her friends have tried repeatedly to convince her of their always positive and always true opinions of her, "Except that these opinions are, in fact, not true and are merely a function of the incredible natures of said friends." (direct quote from Cara Weisman herself). The validity of her assertion, however, is widely debated between her and those who realize her sheer amazingness, with neither side willing to back down, despite the veracity of the latter's stance.

Lip Synch '08 and Talent Show Audition

Cara took part in the Trans-gender Cell Block Tango, along with her compatriots fourth years Adam Wilson, Trevor Cross, Dylan Crouch, Emily Rose, Blake Montgomery Nicholas Padinha (who took to being ill and couldn't perform), Smith Mathieu (who sub-ed in for Nik), Rachel VanDaalen, and third years Cat Hollander, Charmee Mehta, and Joe Sharp. This was choreographed by Cat, and considered a risque success involving flying kicks off of chairs, tangoing and incredibly slutty performances by every guy in the production.

She along with Adam Wilson, Nick Padinha, and Emily Rose auditioned for the talent show (East 1 2008) chanting and reading a slip of paper found in the Union Cafeteria about artichokes. The act was rejected, as it was viewed as requiring no talent, a blatantly false accusation.


Cara, along with Adam Wilson, during East 1 2008, repeatedly made bowls of several scoops of ice cream, toppings, and brownies, continiously sharing the treats with their other friends.

She is a co-creator of the phrase "Artichokes can be daunting," along with Nick Padinha.

At West 2 2007, Cara participated in an enjoyable soy sauce fight.

Cara is a Pokemon master. Her favourite Pokemon is Pikachu.