Caroline Webber

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Caroline Webber started out her TiP career at term 1 Davidson 2014. She was in creative writing where everyone learned of her love for others and her passion for Kansas. She brightened the lives of people she met and left a lasting impression at Davidson, especially through her memorable stand up act full of Kansas jokes. For her 2nd year at TiP in 2015, Caroline found herself at Duke East Term 2, where she would attend for each remaining year. She took the infamous CTA class and found a mentor in the teacher, Don, throughout her remaining time at TiP. Caroline’s closest friends her 2nd year were and from her RAG, and and Zoë Ganter, who were adopted into the fam from other RAGs. Caroline was also close with RC Chris, and the boys from his RAG (and OG No Chill groupchat). From her first time at East, Caroline established herself as the most caring and lovable girl, a true friend to all. Caroline returned for her 3rd year and took the class International Relations. Caroline extended her friend group to so many people that it is impossible to write it all here, because this is the year that she became a true grandma to every tipster at East. With her love for cat sweaters, hugs, and all things Shakira, Caroline killed her 3rd year in every way. She bonded with everyone, and rallied all of her fellow 3rd years to perform Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira as their Quadfest entrance song. To top off her already amazing 3rd year at East, Caroline received the tradition (relic) of the Quotebook, which she was absolutely perfect for. When she came back for her 4th and final year of TiP–she took the class Creative Chronicles–Caroline brought the Quotebook tradition back to life. It had faded into less and less use over the years, but Caroline was not afraid to talk to anyone and to collect quotes from the entire camp, and so after announcing her tradition at TiP Llore the first Tuesday, Caroline became bombarded by tipsters wanting to share their amazing/stupid quotes. Caroline loved Quotebook so much, and diligently wrote down countless quotes that she had been sent or told. On the last night at the Talent Show, Caroline read her top 10 favorite (and TiPpropriate) quotes, and had the entire camp hysterically laughing. Later at the Talent Show, Caroline passed the Quotebook down to , a girl who reminded Caroline of herself and whom was the embodiment of Caroline’s own kind, hugging, grandma ways. Caroline absolutely rocked each and every year of TiP, and was loved by every single tipster. Camp will surely miss her, but her friends will never lose touch and her legacy will live on at Duke East Term 2 both through the Quotebook and through all of the people who will never forget her amazing and kind soul.