Cascadia-Nukeland Crisis

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During the first day of Ideals in Action: Policymaking on a Global Scale Term 1 2019, tensions between the *fictional* states of Cascadia and rose to a near-breaking point due to an escalation of border conflicts. This resulted in the "accidental misfiring" (180 degree "misfire") of a missile at the puppet state of Caticadia. Thanks to the de-escalation of conflict by the Tipgaean Union, no further military action was present.


Due to the isolationist, mistrusting nature of Cascadia, as well as "minor ethnic discrimination" against Nukelandish in Cascadian territory, Nukeland and Cascadia have had an initially rocky relationship. The Holzdien Chairmanship in Cascadia led to an initial sparking of conflict after uncooperative efforts to convince Cascadia to join the Tipgaean Union led to mutual frustration. In response to this refusal, Samuel Phillips, President of Nukeland, claimed, "It is frustrating to the people of Nukeland that Cascadia would not cooperate with the international community. It is a disgrace to the fine people of Cascadia to be represented by such a small-minded administration as Mikhail Holzdien's." This intensified military buildup attributed to both Nukeland and Cascadia. After the breaking of the ceasefire line between the two, there was immediate concern over the national security of both nations.


Border conflicts in area led to threats by the government of Nukeland to retaliate for such military aggression. Cascadia's response included denial of such aggression and continued military exercise. Nukelandish sympathizers within the Caticadian government then formulated a coup d'etat, overthrowing the Loyalist regime and instating the short-lived Confederacy of Caticadia. Cascadia, fearing for it's eastern border, then launched a "controlled missile test" at government infrastructure in Caticadia, effectively knocking them out of the conflict. After the diffusion of the conflict due to intervention by the Tipgaean Union, tensions subsided with both states returning to typical military exercises.


In the months since, relations between the two nations have mended into a mutual state of non-interference. With the exception of Cascadian mediation in the 1st Tipgaean War, no major events have occurred between Cascadia and Nukeland. Several weeks post-attack, the state of Caticadia was peacefully integrated as a semi-autonomous province of Cascadia, sealing Cascadian sovereignty over the Northern Peninsula.