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Chao Cheng is known for his deepness. He’s also known for his amazing speeches and debates. With a perfect blend of finesse and Chaoyness, Chao always conveys his message to the audience. He has a love for Justin Bieber and Eggbert the Pillow Chums. His love for Justin Bieber actually led him to deliver a manifesto, encouraging others to respect the Biebs. After meeting Chao, you’ll realize he is unlike anyone you’ve ever met; you’ll be super jealous of Eli Krakow for having a bromance with Chao and Claudia Opper who is officially Chao’s girl best friend from TIP. Consider yourself lucky if you ever get to hear Chao’s spectacular performance of “Hey There Delilah” or if you get to wear a Chao Cheng design as sported by the That’s Debatable class.

He went to Davidson Term 2 for That's Debatable in 2013 and he is from Concord, Massachusetts.

He is part of The Society.