Claudia Opper

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Claudia went to That's Debatable at Davidson in 2013 Term Two. She lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. She was one of the Minions of RC Kara's group and many boys *cough cough MESSIEURS BAYOUMI AND STACY cough* would fall desperately in love with her. Her hair is pretty brown and curly and she has a little ducky pillow named Eggbert. Her bestestestest friends are all from The Society (especially Doctor Chao). Clauds is not just a person, but the person. And guess what? SHE LOVES EMBLEM3!

Claudia returned to TIP at Duke East Term Two in 2014 to take Celluloid Visions. Claudia was part of RC Madi's RAG in Alspaugh (the third-year dorm), where she met and bought her roommate slave, Simone. Here, she discovered her nickname Copper and her love for eating paper doughnuts. Ms. Opper heads the TIP Duke East police department and is an accomplished runner. She is highly regarded for her successful matchmaking skills.

A Wild Claudia.