Chili Peps

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The amazing RC group led by Chalis Sledge. (Davidson, Term || 2011)


  • Ruth Hewlett
  • Madeline Wilks
  • Emily Reed
  • Narae Lee
  • Emma Lam
  • Lori Jia
  • Margaret Overton
  • Haley McKee
  • Sunila Steephen
  • Emma Badia
  • Emily Jacobson
  • Lauren Bernard
  • Jaelithe Virgin-Downey

They won:


"Best Lip Synch" at the -They performed "Hard Knock Life" from the musical Annie

SUMMER FEST -GO RED TEAM!!!!! War paint was everywhere, everyone poured water on their heads, and Red team was EPIC --They also won the Rock/Paper/Scissors Tournament to beat the other RC groups on the Red team and chose "Buzz 's Head" as their prize. It looked amazing.

This unique group didn't have a lounge (First Floor Sentelle) but still managed to develop a strong bond. Long live Chalis.